Great Ben Upham III photos from Winterland...

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NOTE: there are some great TOMMY BOLIN BAND shots also featured on the ‘JIMMY HASLIP INTERVIEW’ page... Mile High & Jai Alai


The last incarnation of the TOMMY BOLIN BAND...
Mark Craney (drums), Norma Jean Bell (saxophone), Tommy Bolin (guitar/vocals), Max Carl (keyboards & Jimmy Haslip (bass)
Photos: (we think) Rob Ferbrache

Tommy Bolin, Karen Ulibarre, Narada Michael Walden, Norma Jean Bell & Reggie McBride

Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund

The Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund was originally established by Johnnie Bolin in memory of his brother, in association with the Siouxland Community Foundation. The Ultimate mission is simple... To preserve the music, the memory and the legacy of Tommy Bolin.