Various artworks – traditional drawings, paintings and digital art. If you have ANY art that you would like to share, please send our way and we'll put up on this page (the higher the resolution the better)

Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund


Simon sent me this idea years ago. From memory he had sent as a potential CD Cover for a Bolin release, but was rejected (UNBELIEVABLE!)

Was sent this artwork years ago, and have lost the details... Would love to know WHO did this (I definitely remember the artist being female)

Purely a MOCK-UP... It's nice to DREAM...

Beth Braken is a real ‘STAR’. I have asked Beth how she created these... VERY cool...

(Beth) “Recently I made some holographic Resin stars with pictures of Tommy. Imbedded in the mold are the holographs. So they actually transfer from the mold to the top of the resin. It is incredibly easy to do if you know what you are doing. I am not a professional but they were sure fun to make and even more special to give away. Resin takes about 24 hours to solidify and 30 days to fully cure. The end product, as you can see, comes out with some really amazing kaleidoscope of colors and patterns! Admittingly, I did not personally take the pictures, but I did copy them from numerous places, and I have used my own freedom of expression to make each one different and unique. Like my Gratitude Hearts. I did not alter any picture but merely resined it!”

An interesting curio from years ago. Absolutely NO idea who produced these and whether they are actually for a genuine release or if they are done for fun. VERY dated look, but that may be intentional? lol

This is a close-up of a montage by Sir Peter Blake at the Royal Albert Hall, supposedly showing 400 performers who have performed at the Royal Albert Hall over the years. Shame that he didn’t do his homework and not realise that Mk 4 never played that venue haha! Still a good plus for Tommy and the boys lol!

Some quick ideas for a potential T-Shirt for the 2023 FEST. I think this ws a bit too late, and I really liked the design they ended up using

Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund

The Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund was originally established by Johnnie Bolin in memory of his brother, in association with the Siouxland Community Foundation. The Ultimate mission is simple... To preserve the music, the memory and the legacy of Tommy Bolin.