This page features a small selection of work by famous rock photographer, Neal Preston. We are focusing on some of the brilliant photos he took of Tommy Bolin, in various guises and (hopefully) some insights/comments surrounding them.

Neal has shot many famous artists including: Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Michael Jackson, Sid Vicious... and thankfully, Tommy Bolin. We suggest you check out Neal's website and experience for yourself, his amazing portfolio...

“Shooting live music performers is something few photographers do really well. I just happened to discover one day that I was pretty good at it.”

Neal Preston

Neal, not sure if you want to promote this particular publication or something else (or even VARIOUS projects). Obviously if you DID, we'd have relevant links etc to them. We can have links/references to any project(s) of choice and can update as and when you have something new.

A “SNAPSHOT” of some of Neal Preston's iconic work...

Note, all of the below photos are ‘cropped’ for the purpose of this website. Visit Neal Preston's website to see the complete images.

The Tommy Bolin Memorial Fund was originally established by Johnnie Bolin in memory of his brother, in association with the Siouxland Community Foundation. The Ultimate mission is simple... To preserve the music, the memory and the legacy of Tommy Bolin.